Common among runners and athletes! Plantar fasciitis is caused by extreme stress or tear of the plantar fascia; a fibrous band of connecting tissue that reaches from the heel bone to the toes and supports the arch.

Pain is most searing after a long rest when the plantar fascia returns to its original shape. The pain is experienced at the bottom of the foot between the heel and arch. Typically, as the day progresses, the plantar fascia stretches and the pain subsides. Luckily, there are a number of plantar fasciitis treatment options.


Flat Feet (Pronated Feet) - The plantar fascia may overstretch and become irritated.

High Arches (Supinated Feet) - The plantar fascia may be pulled too taut.

Obesity - Instigating extreme pressure on the plantar fascia.

Why You Need Hydrofeet Liquid Orthotic Massaging Insoles:

Hydrofeet™ massage your feet, thereby relaxing the band of irritated connecting tissues between the heel and the base of your toes. This all-day massaging delivers foot pain relief. It’s perhaps the easiest and most effective plantar fasciitis treatment available.

Satisfied Customers:

"Your product makes a change on how your legs and feet feel; they feel excellent! I don't want to be without them for a single day."

"Before wearing your insoles, I was being consistently being treated for back and leg pain. Now, as long as I wear your product, I don't have the pain that I did previously."

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