The heel, also known as the calcaneus bone, is the first part of the foot that touches the ground when running or walking. Usually, heel pain becomes apparent when muscles or connecting tissues to the heel bone are inflamed.



Plantar Fasciitis - Caused by excessive stress or tear of the plantar fascia; a fibrous band of connecting tissue that extends from the heel bone to the toes and supports the arch.

Heel Spur - A calcium buildup found in the heel and around the ligaments and tendons of the foot, where they attach to the heel bone.

Gait Abnormalities - Cause inflammation to the structures attached to the heel bone.

Thinned Out Fat Pads - Overtime, the fat pads that protect the heel bone may thin out.

Obesity - Causing excessive pressure on the heel and plantar fascia.

Flat Feet - The plantar fascia may overstretch and become inflamed.

High Arches - The plantar fascia may be pulled too tight.


Why You Need Hydrofeet™ Liquid Orthotic Massaging Insoles:

Hydrofeet™ align your foot and distribute the weight of the foot evenly, giving instant foot pain relief to the heel and soothing the irritated muscles attached to the heel bone. They also massage your foot, thereby relaxing the band of irritated connecting tissues between the heel and the base of your toes. This all-day massaging helps alleviate sore feet.


Satisfied Customers:

"I have finally found foot pain relief!!! They are "the greatest." I have just ordered another pair. The first time in years I can walk without pain in heel, leg and back. They are the "greatest thing invented." I thank God I found your product."


"I have worn them a few days now, and let me tell you, it is like a miracle, I really can't believe it, my pain in my left heel is completely gone (honestly). Also, I can't believe my right knee, it is already 100 percent better."

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