Q: Does Hydrofeet® insoles have warranty?
A: Buyers can only avail of the 3-year warranty if and only if they have completed filling out the warranty registration form online. We will gladly replace any manufacturer defects under normal usage within three (3) years from the date of purchase. Replacement after six (6) months from the date of purchase would require you to pay the shipping and handling fee of $8.95 for domestic or $12.95 for international.

Q: What conditions can Hydrofeet® help me with?
A: Morton’s Neuroma; Plantar Fasciitis; Hallux Valgus or bunion; Heel Spur; heel pain; hip pain; back pain; corns and calluses; sore, tired feet; Peripheral Neuropathy; and knee pain.

Q: Does it have a high arc support for flat feet?
A: No, but its liquid glycerin lifts your arches when you walk or run.

Q: What is inside the pad?
A: It is an FDA-approved vegetable-based liquid glycerin, which is usually used as an ingredient in skin care products such as make-ups, including lipsticks.

Q: Is glycerin harmful when it leaks?
A: Absolutely not. It is FDA-approved, meaning it does not have any harmful component. It can even be found in certain food recipes. If you are a fan of icing (which can be found in cake), then you have definitely tasted glycerin.

Q: What if I already own orthotics?
A: Hydrofeet® therapeutic massaging insoles can be placed on top or beneath your orthotics. Putting the insoles beneath the orthotics provides a less aggressive massage to your feet.

Q: Does it work with sandals, flip flops, and heels? 
A: Yes, it can be cut to fit your sandals, flip flops and heels.

Q: Is it washable?
A: Yes, you can have it machine or hand washed, but make sure to only air dry them. Do not use the spin dryer.

Q: Is it possible to wear my Hydrofeet® insoles the whole day?
A: Yes. At first it might feel weird because your feet structure is still adjusting, but later on, you could wear them the entire day with your favorite footwear.


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