Corns are thickened skin built of old skin cells, usually discovered at the top, sides and tips within the toes. Sometimes, the cone shape core may press round the nerve bellow leading to discomfort and sore feet. Discomfort can also be experienced as incorrectly fitting shoes rubs across the corn and inflames your skin.


Corns are often triggered by footwear that don't fit correctly or by deformed toes.

Why You Need Hydrofeet Liquid Orthotic Massaging insoles:

Hydrofeet™ redistribute your body weight evenly along the foot, getting rid of any friction or excessive pressure across the feet delivering foot discomfort relief. The glycerin fluid cuts the friction forces and takes up the shock. This relieves the discomfort of sore feet and enables the corns to heal.

Satisfied Clients:

"These massaging inserts will be the most useful invention since footwear. Within my job, I walk roughly 14 miles every single day, on concrete. My feet never felt better, even when I wore tennis shoes. Thank you for this new product.”

"I've attempted just about any gimmick possible to relieve my aching feet. I put on "quality" footwear, but nonetheless received no relief. However, about a year ago, my lady offered me some your shoe insoles. My feet feel ecstatic!”


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