Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

Why Beauty is Not Always in the Eyes of the Beholder

Everyone seems obsessed about looking good and feeling clean all the time. We apply a lot of products during shower and even after. We use soaps, body wash, lotion, alcohol, and other substances to ensure that we are at our cleanest. Given the time it entails to clean up and take care of our whole body, it should not be surprising that we may be missing one part that may need our tender love and care just as much – our pair of feet. Whether we admit it or not, the treatment we give our feet is entirely different, or lacking (to be blunt) relative to the care we give our hands and face, isn’t it? When it comes to providing care for our feet, there are products like Hydrofeet® that may do the trick.

Although our feet may not need to be moisturized as much like our face and hands, they need something more than foot lotion or other topical substances. They need some form of a relaxing massage. With all the weight they carry every day, there’s probably no need to explain further. I know it’s impossible to get a foot spa or massage your feet every day. But, technology has already made products available like Hydrofeet® massaging insoles to do this for us.

Hydrofeet® massaging insoles is designed to provide support and massage to our feet as we wear them. When getting them, it is important that you understand the different types of filling used in creating these massaging insoles because different materials provide varying benefits. Some may provide more support than massaging action and vice versa. But, some like Hydrofeet® massaging insoles may also provide both in a more or less equal scale. Getting a balance of both support and massaging properties should be the ideal one for your

Some massaging insoles use the common memory foam in providing your feet some comfort. While this may be the case, memory foam is not as dynamic as they should be and therefore may lack in the massaging department your feet also need. Others use the gel-type filling which may arguably provide the needed foot massage but lack in the support and cushioning department. There are also massaging insoles that use the latest technology in filling like Hydrofeet®.

Hydrofeet® uses pharmaceutical grade vegetable based glycerin as filling. This filling is in liquid state but has 50 times the viscosity which makes it ideal in terms of providing a balanced support and massaging action at the same time.

The massaging action happens whenever you take each step. Glycerin filling moves from one end of the massaging insole to the other giving you that squishy massaging feeling. This dynamic movement of the filling is the reason your feet can experience the support and massaging care it needs.

Because of this massaging action, your feet get better blood circulation. Nutrients in your body are absorbed better with better blood circulation. So when your feet are properly absorbing the nutrients they need to function better, you know that the glow from within should soon follow much like in your skin.

Being particular with beauty is not really a bad thing. But it’s always important that you tackle beauty holistically. It should be from inside out, and head to foot. This is because sometimes, beauty is not always in the eyes of the beholder.