Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

What The Law of Attraction Forgot to Tell You

People get attracted to different sorts of things about other people. Some gravitate towards humor, eyes, body, skin, nose, lips, smile, personality, and etc. The list is almost endless. Although long as it may seem, there are still some physical parts of the human body that other people get attracted to. One of the these body parts is beyond our eye-level sight. We need to look down in order to see and appreciate it. This body part works as a pair and is called foot.

Yes, you heard it right! Feet can also be one of your assets to ensure you get the interest you deserve out there in your quest for the lifetime romantic partnership. Believe it or not, there are actually people out there (men and women alike) who are very particular about the feet of their partner or the potential partner they look for. They may look at feet as a simple fetish, but some also see it a gauge of one’s personal hygiene and even overall beauty. Having this knowledge handy, it seems imperative now that you take care of your feet and ensure its overall health. After all, they are what will bring and your partner together, aren’t they.

Taking care of your feet should be approached holistically. Aside from the usual washing with soap during shower, they should also be moisturized, deodorized, and pampered from time to time. Pampering should not be that hard as this can be done by means of simple massage. The easiest way to give this is by using massaging insoles.

There are already about hundreds of massaging insoles in the market today. Some make use of memory foam to provide support and comfort, some make use of gel type of filling, and some use a more dynamic filling like liquid glycerin.

Massaging insoles using memory foam can also help since they cushion your feet and minimize impact whenever you take each step. The same thing can be said with those that use gel type of filling. These two materials were at the onset of the development of massaging insoles and are still serving users well until today, depending on their needs and conditions. Dynamic filling in the case of Hydrofeet® refers to the vegetable-based, FDA approved, pharmaceutical grade glycerin.

This glycerin filling is considered dynamic because it is in liquid state. Because of this, the filling is able to move back and forth under your feet each time you take your step. This back and forth movement is the key feature of massaging insoles that use liquid filling. It is a key difference because this movement is responsible for giving you that massaging action you need.

When you get this massaging action, your feet is brought to an even better condition. Improved blood circulation in your feet is the initial effect of this massaging action given by Hydrofeet® massaging insoles.

With better blood circulation and feet support, more nutrients and oxygenated blood are absorbed by the tissues and cells in your feet translating into an overall better foot health. Apart from this, you can also minimize the risk of developing corns and calluses which can affect the appearance of your feet. Corns and calluses develop because of too much pressure on certain areas of your feet when you walk. This is your body’s defensive response to relieve the pressure. So when you use massaging insoles, the pressure generated from your steps are absorbed accordingly by the product instead of going back under your feet.

Achieving a better looking feet should not be expensive. Like any other body part, they need the nourishment delivered to them properly and some tender love and care, like massage. Getting a foot spa is not that easy to do even at home, so you may be better off giving your two pals down there the massage they need as you go through your romantic escapades and other life’s daily action.

Who knows, you may just get your potential partner hooked even more by looking your best from head to foot!