Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

Are your shoe inserts causing more pain and inconvenience than your foot problem?

There are 4 HONEST reasons why Americans hate using orthotics…

You were recommended to wear custom orthotics to address your foot problem. The doctor said that it will help you manage the pain and will heal your foot condition. But after a few days, it made your condition worse. Now you have headache together with your foot pain because you can’t seem to figure out how that thing could make your quality of life better.

Is it really made for the human foot? Does it really have to be that bulky? Do you really have to wear it all day long? With your new custom orthotics, your life became worse than better.


  1. “Custom” orthotics are not really customized.
    Custom orthotics are made by having you step on a mold, so the orthotic will be “customized” for your unique foot structure. However, the manufacturers forgot that feet are dynamic. They stand, they walk, they run and jump. And customizing a shoe inserts for still feet is like telling you not to move your feet at all. This is also the reason why custom orthotics usually cause pain and inconveniences when you move. Instead of providing comfort, they make your feet feel chained.
  2. Shoe inserts in the market are made of rubber, gel, and foam.
    These materials easily wear and tear. You can’t help it. Eventually, after some weeks, your orthotics will lose their firmness and support, will peel off the topmost cover, or will simply stop working altogether. It happens to even the most expensive shoe inserts there is. Your money goes right in the trash after a few weeks.
  3. Regular shoe inserts do not provide cushion.
    Most shoe insoles available only try to keep the feet in the right position. Manufacturers thought this is the key to comfort. However, we all know that comfort means the feet not bearing too much of our weight and not getting too much impact from the concrete floors we walk on. We all want to feel that at the end of every day, it’s as if our feet just glided through soft grass. Unfortunately, regular inserts and even custom orthotics do not give that kind of cushioning.
  4. Custom orthotics are too bulky to be in normal shoes.
    We wear different kinds of footwear. We have flats, sports shoes, casual shoes, heeled and high-heeled shoes, fit flops, sandals, everything. If you a have a foot condition, you have limited footwear options because (a) some could worsen your foot problem and (b) most can’t fit your custom orthotics. People who have foot problems are constantly in search for shoe inserts that are really customized and dynamic, long lasting, comfortable, and versatile. Is there a shoe insoles brand that could provide all of the above? Where can we find a shoe inserts that would genuinely avoid and heal our foot problems?

Hydrofeet® Feels Like Walking On Water®

Hydrofeet® is the only shoe insoles for women and men that responds to the ever-changing structure of the feet as the user walks or runs. It is made of antimicrobial and durable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) with FDA-approved vegetable-based glycerin. This liquid glycerin moves back and forth under the feet of the user, providing gentle foot massage that improves blood circulation, thereby improving overall wellness.

Hydrofeet® shoe insoles, although thin, is precisely filled with glycerin that packs tons of cushion. This natural ingredient has 50 times more viscosity than any other materials available. It absorbs shocks from concrete floors and bears your weight, saving your feet from fatigue and pain. Its size also makes it versatile, fitting in almost all kinds of footwear. Because of its massaging property, it could genuinely avoid and heal common foot problems.

What are you waiting for? Browse through the products page and pick the size that you need. Walk on it, run on it. Try it and find out for yourself how one of a kind it is…because Hydrofeet® is the only one that Feels Like Walking On Water®!