Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

Hydrofeet®: Making Walking An Amazing Experience...Anywhere

Scandinavian cities like Helsinki and Olso are always best explored by foot. Walk in the park or by the shore enjoying the cool breeze on your cheeks and the foot massage from your massaging insoles.

I have always been amazed by how some cities in other parts of the world are designed for people who walk. Cities such as Helsinki, Oslo, and Stockholm all share a common feature: they were all designed to be enjoyed while walking. I’ve always believed in the benefits of walking. Walking is not always fun when pain tags along with me. Fortunately, Hydrofeet® (
massaging insoles are designed to make walking a pleasure, wherever in the world I may be.

Hydrofeet® has made the latest breakthrough in massaging insole technology. Whenever I walk or run, Hydrofeet® absorbs the impact of pressure from my body weight. The pressure-absorption action of these massaging insoles relieve my feet from the pressure that contributes to painful walking. Wherever in the world I may be, walking is always pleasant when I wear Hydrofeet®.

In addition to taking pressure off my feet, Hydrofeet® also has an amazing massaging action. The massaging action from this shoe insole comes from the liquid glycerin filling. The filling slides back and forth inside my shoe insoles as I walk. The movement results in instant foot massage, a feature that cannot be found in other shoe insoles. With my insoles taking pressure off my feet while also giving a foot massage, walking becomes an amazing experience every time.

The city I live in may not be exactly like the foreign cities I mentioned, but that’s no excuse for me to miss my daily dose of free exercise--walking. With Hydrofeet® (, walking feels amazing every time, wherever in the world I may be.