Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

2 Ways Hydrofeet® Changes Your Vacation… For the Better

The different faces of vacation that any family looks forward to. Make every vacation enjoyable and pleasant by having a pair of massaging insoles around.

I’ve always loved going on vacation, once my husband I had our daughters. This love for travel often comes with a price--enduring long and sometimes painful walks. In many of the places we’ve been, walking has been my usual way of getting around. I prefer walking instead of taking a car, cab, bus, or train. Although this practice is different from my usual transportation, I’ve never had problems adjusting, thanks to Hydrofeet®!
Ever since I started using Hydrofeet®, walking has been a lot easier! These shoe insoles for women have changed the way I look at walking. Walking is more of a delight and less of a burden. You may think that Hydrofeet® is a simple pair shoe insoles for women. This incredibly thin product is packed with amazing benefits that have forever changed the way I think about walking.
My change in perspective about walking is possible because of the following key benefits that Hydrofeet® provides:

Hydrofeet® takes on the pressure I exert on my feet.
Too much pressure on the feet when walking is a pain trigger. That pressure comes from my body weight and the activities that I do, which is likely why it’s frequently challenging for overweight or obese people to walk. Their entire body weight is solely taken on by their feet, which can make walking more painful.
Shoe insoles for women are a wonderful way to manage the pain that can come with walking. Not all shoe insoles for women can relieve pain. Many insoles are nothing more than fillers inside your shoes. Hydrofeet® definitely goes beyond filling the space between your feet and your shoes. The insoles effectively absorb the pressure instead of leaving it to be endured by your feet!
This pressure absorption is made possible because of the liquid glycerin filling used in making these shoe insoles for women.
This filling is more effective than the conventional memory foam or gel used in other shoe insoles. Given the liquid state of the glycerin filling, it doesn’t easily lose its pressure-absorbing property. Memory foam eventually sags over time. Similarly, gel filling quickly loses its consistency and its ability to absorb pressure.
Hydrofeet® provides me an on-the-go foot massage.
I also love these shoe insoles for women because they give me a free and on-the-go foot massage. The liquid glycerin filling is also responsible for this massage. In addition to effectively relieving my feet from my body weight’s pressure, the filling also serves another purpose as an instant foot massager.
The foot massage comes from the back and forth movement of the filling as I take each step. The filling glides between my heel and toe as the pressure coming from my body alternately moves between the two areas of my feet.
A happy family making the most of their vacation. They survived the long walks needed to enjoy their destination. Thanks to their reliable massaging insoles.The foot massage doesn’t just relax my feet and legs to make walking a pleasure, it also increases the blood circulation to my lower extremities. Because of my improved blood circulation, the muscles in my feet and legs function better. This allows me to take long walks and to enjoy all the sights in the places I travel with my family. The best part is that I can go beyond our itinerary which makes our trip even more worthwhile and memorable.
I can enjoy a lot now every time I go on vacation with my family. In addition to learning the culture and appreciating the setting, I’m glad to create more meaningful vacation memories without any setbacks from painful walks.
Hydrofeet® helped to make this possible. I know it will do the same for you on your vacations.