Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

Hydrofeet®: Enjoy All Your Park Visits Even More

A park full of busy and engageg people. Enjoying parks is always best when your feet are ready with the help of massaging insoles.

Visiting nearby parks is a great way to get away from the grind. Visiting parks is cheap and also offers many possible activities for bonding with my family including picnics, games, and picture-taking. Whenever we visit parks, my daughters always run around and play under the trees. My husband and I prefer to take a slow walk together and take our time to breathe the fresh air. It’s always great to walk together while watching our daughters at play. Hydrofeet® has made our experience even more wonderful and memorable.
My husband and I have been using massaging insoles for a couple of years now whenever we go out as family. Hydrofeet® helps us to enjoy long walks in the park and endlessly running after our two daughters. Of the massaging insoles that we’ve tried, only Hydrofeet® has exceeded our expectations for providing our feet with both support and comfort.

Hydrofeet® makes the most unique massaging insoles available today. They use a unique liquid glycerin filling. The liquid filling gives a significant advantage over the filling in other massaging insoles because it absorbs pressure and impact without wearing out easily. The reliable shock-absorbing ability of liquid glycerin enables Hydrofeet® to give feet an unparalleled level of comfort and support.
The liquid glycerin in these massaging insoles moves back and forth with each step. This back-and-forth movement alternately relieves heels and toes from the pressure of body weight and the impact of activities such as walking. Relieving the pressure on our feet is important to ensure that we don’t experience pain when we walk. Pain-free walking is necessary for enjoying every step we take in all the parks that we visit.

A beautiful and relaxing green park in the heart of the city. Be ready to enjoy it on foot with the help of massaging insoles.In addition to relieving pressure on our feet, the movement of the filling also provides a free foot massage. Other massaging insoles cannot provide this massage. The massage helps to increase blood circulation in the lower extremities, which is important for the proper functioning leg and foot muscles. Walking or running becomes more pleasant and enjoyable when muscles work better.
Visiting parks and appreciating the beauty of landscaped areas is something that my family will do for years to come. With all the stress from running our business, we need relief from the hustle and bustle of everyday living. Parks will always be a great getaway. When we use Hydrofeet® on our park visits, we have a great and memorable time as a family.