Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

Hydrofeet®: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Trekking is a fun experience! Make sure it's also a safe one by using foot support insoles.

Hiking up a mountain or through a jungle is physically demanding. Though hiking can be enjoyable, it demands a lot from your entire body--especially your feet. There are already shoes designed specifically for hiking, but these shoes do not provide absolute support and comfort. Using Hydrofeet® will help your feet to achieve a better level of support and comfort thereby improving your hiking experience.
Hydrofeet® is one of the most reliable massaging insoles available today. It gives you a unique walking experience by providing your feet with both support and comfort.

    These shoe insoles provide support by absorbing impact and resisting wear and tear. The impact-absorption property of Hydrofeet® is possible because of its unique liquid glycerin filling. Given the liquid nature of the filling, it better absorbs impact than materials such as memory foam and gel. Many massaging insoles use memory foam or gel; these materials provide support for some time, but they easily sag and lose support, especially when subjected to intense activities.
When you use Hydrofeet®, your feet will never lose support. These massaging insoles use thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) as the main material for the external body. TPU combines the properties of both rubber and plastic, making it ready to take on the pressure from even the most extreme physical activities. TPU makes it possible for the makers of Hydrofeet® to produce a durable massaging insole.

    The liquid glycerin filling of Hydrofeet® not only absorbs impact and pressure, it also provides a unique massaging action. The back-and-forth movement of the liquid glycerin filling creates the massage. Movement happens as your weight shifts between your heel and toe. The filling glides back and forth inside the massaging insole to give a massaging sensation that you’re sure to benefit from.

Reaching you destination is an awesome. Make sure your feet still feel awesome after the long climb by using inserts for shoes.    The massaging action relaxes your feet. In addition to the relaxing nature of the massage, it also helps to improve blood circulation in the feet and legs. With improved blood circulation, your feet and legs feel less tired. The muscles, tissues, and cells in your feet and legs are able to receive more nutrients and fresh blood, which they both need for proper functioning.
    There are many things you need to prepare before you start hiking. In addition to readying equipment, bags, tools, and clothing, you have to prepare your body. In preparing your body, you’ll never go wrong using Hydrofeet®. Not only does these massaging insoles help you to endure while hiking, it also helps you to experience more pleasure. The longer you walk using these massaging insoles, the more pleasure you’ll get from the foot massage that Hydrofeet® offers.

    Finding pleasure in what you do is key in conquering any mountain.