Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

Hydrofeet®: Go The Distance and Have Fun

A family excited to go on vacation. Be an on-the-go person with the help of shoe insoles for women link Hydrofeet.

Spending time with my family is one of the things I love to do. It doesn’t matter where we go as long as I’m with them. We’ve gone to beaches, parks, malls, museums, and many others. We’ve always had a great time during our vacations. For the past two years, all my family vacation escapades have been even more fun, memorable, and worthwhile with the help of Hydrofeet®.

You may now be wondering what a shoe insole for women has to do with a family vacation. To give you a broader view of this, think about how shopping, a supposedly fun activity, can suddenly turn dreadful when foot pain strikes. I must admit that I’m probably not wired to endure long walks. My feet normally act up after almost an hour of walking or standing up. This problem used to make me the “spoiler” of our family vacation because I would usually ask to stay seated or to stay behind in the hotel room so I could rest my feet.

That was before I had Hydrofeet®. It’s a shoe insole for women created to provide feet with the important comfort and support. Ever since I started using this shoe insole for women, I’m always ready to take on all the vacation action with my husband and twin daughters.

In case you’re asking how a pair of shoe insoles for women helped me to becoming a fun and on-the-go mom, here’s how Hydrofeet® did it:

    Hydrofeet® absorbs the pressure exerted on my feet.

      Numerous studies have shown the negative impact of applying too much pressure on our feet. It is said that men exert around 250 pounds of pressure to the feet when they walk. That’s like having an adult panda standing on each foot. Women, on the other hand, produce approximately 150 pounds of pressure. That weight is similar to having an average-sized adult on each foot.

      Pressure on the feet can make walking painful, especially if you have foot problems such as bunions, Morton’s Neuroma, corns and calluses, and others. Hydrofeet® absorbs the pressure coming from my body weight to help me find relief from foot pain. The other shoe insoles for women I’ve tried in the past miserably failed to take away my foot pain.

      Hydrofeet® massages my feet.
        Getting a real foot massage from a shoe insole for women was unheard of before Hydrofeet® came out. This shoe insole for women uses a liquid glycerin filling, which works very differently from the memory foam or gel in other shoe insoles for women. The liquid glycerin filling moves back and forth as you take each step. This back and forth movement is the source of the foot massage that only Hydrofeet® can give.

        If a compass designed to give directions, shoe insoles for women like Hydrofeet is made for the feet to take on the walk to any direction.The massaging action that I get from my Hydrofeet® not only relaxes my feet, it also helps to improve blood flow in my feet and legs. With improved blood circulation in my lower extremities, my feet and legs are less tired--allowing me to walk longer and enjoy all the activities we have planned during vacation or family leisure time. This became possible by doing one simple thing - wearing a shoe insole for women every time.

        My twin daughters are still young, so I know we still have a lot of places to go, miles to walk, and memories to make. Because of Hydrofeet®, I now look to new, big adventures with great enthusiasm. I was able to get rid of the old me that was always worried about spoiling our vacations. There’s no place I can’t enjoy and no distance that I can’t walk for as long as I have my family and Hydrofeet® around.