Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

Hydrofeet®: Pull Off Any Shoes

SHOES! Women just can't get enough of them!

If there’s one thing that women all over the world love, it’s gotta be shoes. We just can’t get enough of shoes, whether using them or just simply appreciating their design and beauty. There’s always a pair of shoes designed for every occasion, better yet, any occasion is a good reason to buy a new pair of shoes! Although there are a lot of shoes available like stilettos, pumps, and sneakers, there are also a lot of women who can only dream about being able to wear something comfortable on their feet. If you’re one of those women, using Hydrofeet® may just be the answer to your problem, the thing that gets your feet inside all the wonderful shoes out there!

Hydrofeet® is a shoe insole for women designed to provide your feet with both cushioning and support. These two things are crucial for any woman like you who want to enjoy wearing all types of shoes. It’s a given fact that not all women are able to wear all the shoes they want because of some foot conditions. Some are actually able to do away with high-heeled shoes, while others are only able wear a few types because other shoes are painful for them. In order to overcome this challenge, wearing Hydrofeet® may just be the answer you’re looking for.

Problem: Pressure and Impact

Pressure and impact are two of the most common reasons you sometimes dread wearing some types of shoes. Studies have shown that women roughly put 150 lbs. pressure on each foot when we walk. That’s like having an adult person stepping on each of your pals down there. Impact, on the other hand, comes from the contact that your feet make with the surface you step on.

Concrete roads, floors, and most ground surfaces usually resist the pressure coming from your feet as you step on them. This is one of the reasons walking becomes painful for some women, especially those who have foot problems like corns, Morton’s Neuroma, and Flat Feet among many others. The pressure coming from your feet is resisted by the ground surface instead of absorbing it. This resistance is one of the things that triggers pain in your feet. To understand this better, imagine a guy hitting a concrete wall with his knuckles. The wall will obviously resist the force coming from the guy’s knuckles. The obvious result - pain!

Solution: Liquid Glycerin

Given the pressure and impact, wearing shoe insoles for women helps relieve your feet from the effects of these two forces. Hydrofeet® absorbs the pressure and impact through its unique liquid glycerin filling. The filling is liquid in nature, so it doesn’t sag or lose firmness easily like memory foam and gel, which are commonly used in other shoe insoles for women.

Show your true personality with the right outfit and shoes.

The liquid glycerin filling of Hydrofeet® ( is vegetable based, pharmaceutical grade, and FDA approved. All these mean one thing - safe. Given the amazing impact-absorption properties of liquid glycerin, it’s just natural for you to feel concerned about how safe it is to be used as filling for shoe insoles for women. But, there’s no need to worry about this, because liquid glycerin is 100% safe. All you have to think about is how you will enjoy all the shoes you have, especially those that you’ve stopped wearing or those shoes you haven’t tried.

Shoes are important part of how we dress and present ourselves. This is probably the reason you may feel frustrated you can no longer wear those shoes that  you used to pull off just a few years ago. But you don’t have to feel bad about it now because Hydrofeet® ( is here to help you. This shoe insoles for women is definitely ready to help you appreciate all those shoes out there calling your name!