Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

How To Make Taking The Stairs A Habit

Taking the stairs is one of the easiest ways to get a daily exercise. It adds a higher degree of resistance to walking which helps tone muscles and burn even more calories. Some fitness experts encourage office workers who sit most of the time to use the stairs, especially when going just one or two floors up a building. But taking the stairs is close to impossible when even the simple act of walking is already painful. If you’re looking into trying to get a “stair exercise” while in the office, you’re better off wearing Hydrofeet® every time to ensure you enjoy walking both on the floor and in going up the stairs.

Hydrofeet® is one of the most unique massaging insoles available today. It provides both support and comfort to the feet when you use it. It works better than other similar massaging insoles in the market. It absorbs pressure and impact coming from your body weight and the activities that you do every day, particularly walking or running on your way to the office.

The secret of this massaging insole lies in its liquid glycerin filling. This filling has been approved very safe for use. In fact, the liquid glycerin filling of Hydrofeet® is certified to be vegetable-based, pharmaceutical-grade, and FDA approved. But beyond the safety of the filling used in the massaging insoles, are the more amazing benefits liquid glycerin provides.

Specifically, liquid glycerin enables the massaging insoles to provide you with the following benefits:
  • Impact-absorption

Liquid glycerin absorbs impact and pressure better because of its liquid nature. Unlike memory foam or gel used in other massaging insoles, the filling of Hydrofeet® doesn’t sag or lose firmness over time. This happens in memory foam or gel, which affects the level and quality of support they provide your feet with. The absorption of impact helps a lot in minimizing the pain in the feet.

  • Massaging action

Foot massage is one of the key benefits of using Hydrofeet®. The liquid glycerin filling of this massaging insole is again responsible for this. The massaging action comes from the back and forth movement of the liquid glycerin filling. This movement happens every time you take each step wearing the massaging insoles. It gives you a weird squishy feeling at first. But, this will eventually feel like a foot massage that benefits your feet even more by helping them become more relaxed.

  • Improved blood circulation

Hydrofeet® also increases the level of blood flow to the feet and leg area. When blood circulation is better, more nutrients and fresh blood reach the muscles in the legs and feet. When this happens, the muscles are able to perform better, allowing you to take on any physical challenges that involve your feet like walking up the stairs.

There are definitely a lot more health benefits of taking the stairs in the office. In order to take advantage of them, you have to make taking the stairs a habit to ensure that it becomes a lifestyle. Making a habit out of using the stairs should not be difficult now with the help of Hydrofeet®. This massaging insole not just makes walking more bearable, it also helps make it enjoyable. Now, you can consistently follow the valuable advice and make using the stairs a healthy office habit.