Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

Long Driving? Not a Problem with Hydrofeet®

Longdriving - HydroFeet

Long driving, as others may think, is not really a cool thing. This is what my husband usually tells me whenever we go for a long drive. Three hours are normally his personal limit when it comes to road trips. His legs and feet and would normally act up and feel tired due to poor blood circulation in those areas of his body. But my husband’s attitude towards long distance driving has started to change when I introduced him to Hydrofeet®.

Hydrofeet® is a massaging insole that helps my husband tackle the challenges of driving, particularly its effects in the feet and leg area. The level of blood circulation in the feet and leg area normally drops due to the almost sedentary nature of driving. Apart from being seated the whole time, there is very little movement of the external body parts, particularly the legs and feet. Because of this, the muscles don’t receive the nutrients and fresh blood properly. This leads to the usual fatigue or tiredness that drivers normally feel after a few hours behind the wheel.

The massaging insoles help him overcome fatigue due to its massaging action. Hydrofeet® provides my husband’s feet with some sort of a warm up foot massage the moment he walks with it in going to the garage and into the car. He now walks around the house wearing Hydrofeet® to get his feet and legs warmed up for the long drive ahead.

Hydrofeet® uses liquid glycerin as filling, which makes the foot massage possible. This filling moves inside the massaging insoles, under the feet and leg area, whenever pressure is applied to it. In case of my husband, he said he still gets a feel of this massaging action as his feet press against the massaging insoles when stepping on the gas or brake pedal. The squishy feeling he gets appear to stimulate the nerves under his feet better, which provides him a sense of relief for foot pain or fatigue.

The massaging action coming from Hydrofeet® massaging insoles is actually better felt when walking or running. But to my husband, the small dose of the massage he gets when driving is already enough for him to at least experience a less tedious driving experience.

Extended Driving - HydroFeetIn addition to this, my husband also immediately enjoys this massaging action the moment he steps out of the car to walk towards his destination. Hydrofeet® gives his feet an even more effective foot massage during this time because he’s already walking while wearing the massaging insoles. This helps him immediately enjoy relief from the foot and leg pain he may have had to endure while driving. Hydrofeet® quickly increases the level of blood circulation in his feet and leg area. Because of this, his feet and leg muscles get an immediate boost and start working better.

Before he started using Hydrofeet® massaging insoles, my husband had no idea he would also benefit from it while driving. This is a big bonus and surprise for him, which we both welcomed and felt thankful for. His feet feel less and less painful the longer he uses this massaging insole. This is because he is getting a foot massage while wearing Hydrofeet®.

My husband has been using Hydrofeet® for close to two years now. He became increasingly happy with his ability to endure the long-distance drives. Now, he actually enjoys being in charge of the steering wheel. Sometimes he even asks us where we want to go next!