Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

Hydrofeet®: Foot Massage That Goes With You

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My husband and I went to a spa one time to get some much-needed whole body massage and of course, foot spa. I asked my husband to go with me so he could also take some time off from our business. We both enjoyed the whole body massage. When it was time for the foot spa, both of us proudly sat on the couch and showed our feet to the foot masseuses. We were quite proud of our feet because we know any foot masseuse won’t have a hard time making it look soft and pampered. This is because we’ve been using Hydrofeet® massaging insoles. Unsurprisingly, the foot masseuses found our feet to be soft and healthy-looking, especially for our age.
The staffs who were massaging our feet asked where we have been regularly getting a foot spa. We told them that foot spa is something we seldom get. We just rely on using our pair of massaging insoles called Hydrofeet®. It has been our feet’s best friend for quite some time now.
Hydrofeet® massaging insoles gives our feet a unique massaging action as we take each step. The massaging action comes from the back and forth movement of the liquid glycerin used as filling for these massaging insoles. The filling moves back and forth under the heel and toe area because Hydrofeet® massaging insoles is dynamic. It takes the shape of our feet as we walk.
The liquid glycerin used in Hydrofeet® is totally safe, so you should not worry about any dangerous chemical reaction in case your skin gets into contact with it. The glycerin filling is pharmaceutical-grade, vegetable-based, and FDA approved.  You don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals being very close to your skin.

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The massaging action provided by Hydrofeet® massaging insoles doesn’t just give our feet relief from pain. It also helps improve blood circulation in the foot area. When blood circulation is good, the muscles and cells of the feet are able to receive nutrients better. Because of better nourishment, the feet look healthier.
In addition, the massaging action also helps our feet get relief from the pressure coming from our body weight. Because of this, pressure points in our feet area are minimized or avoided in some cases. In case you’re not aware, uneven pressure on our feet contribute to the development of corns and calluses, which make our feet look unhealthy.
My husband and I always keep a busy schedule because of our growing business. Because of this, going to the spa for a foot massage is always difficult for us. That’s exactly why we’re thankful for having our Hydrofeet® massaging insoles around.
Hydrofeet® gives our feet the much needed foot massage that we thought we could only get from a spa. The comments we got from the foot masseuses that attended to us gave us all the validation we needed.