Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

Hydrofeet®: Reunions Made Possible and Memorable

Bonding with HydroFeet On

I recently overheard my husband speaking on the phone to a friend he hasn’t seen and heard from in ages. Instead of hearing him say the usual catching-up statements like “How have you been?” or “What are you doing now?” etc., I heard him explaining something about his Hydrofeet® massaging insoles. After he put the phone down, I asked what the problem was because he sounded a little concerned. He told me his old friend has been complaining about having foot pains due to his being overweight. Sadly, this has also been the reason his friend has not been able to show up during dinner or lunch invitations made by their other friends in the past.
My husband advised him to use Hydrofeet® massaging insoles to help him get relief from foot pain. Since his friend is a little over the scale when it comes to ideal weight, walking has been difficult. The foot pain he has been experiencing eventually prevented him from doing even minor exercises like walking to help him start losing weight. My husband sent him a new pair of Hydrofeet® massaging insoles. He knows it will help his friend the same way it has been helping us and our twin daughters.
Hydrofeet® massaging insoles provides relief from foot pain through the massaging action of its filling - FDA-approved liquid glycerin. This glycerin filling is also pharmaceutical grade, which means it is safe. It is similar to the glycerin found in other substances applied on the skin like lotions, and moisturizers.


Another thing that makes Hydrofeet® massaging insoles different from other similar products in the market is that it is dynamic. It follows the shape of the foot as it moves. It doesn’t restrain or fight the movement of the feet. This allows these massaging insoles to provide an unmatched support and comfort to the feet.
In choosing the right massaging insoles, durability is also important. Massaging insoles should be ready to take on the constant pressure and weight of the body as the user walks, run, or jump. This is not a problem with Hydrofeet® massaging insoles. It uses thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) as the main external material to hold the glycerin filling. TPU is both tough and lightweight at the same time. It allows the glycerin filling to dynamically move with each step without leaking out of the massaging insoles. Apart from that, it also allows Hydrofeet® to be created with incredible thinness.
My husband gave his old friend a call two weeks after he sent him a pair of Hydrofeet® massaging insoles. As we both expected, his friend couldn’t contain his happiness on the phone. Beyond the relief he got from using the massaging insoles, is the fact that he and my husband will be seeing each other again soon over lunch.
What else will they be doing besides eating out? A long catching-up walk in the park I think.