Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

Hydrofeet®: Helps You Deal with Morton’s Neuroma

Morton's Neuroma 

Dealing with a painful foot condition is never easy especially if you’re a woman. Biology got it right in saying that women are better wired to tolerate pain. But this does not make dealing with foot conditions like Morton’s Neuroma any easier. Morton’s Neuroma is probably one of the most common and painful foot conditions you may experience. In this condition, a nerve, usually between your third and fourth toes gets thicker than usual. When this happens, a sharp and burning pain is felt in the area leading to your toes. There are a lot of factors associated with this condition. One of these is constantly wearing high-heeled shoes. Although it is impossible to totally eliminate wearing high-heeled shoes, the condition can be managed at an early stage. The pain can be relieved by a number of available treatments. The easiest and probably the most cost effective is wearing shoe insoles for women like Hydrofeet®.

Hydrofeet® is a pair of shoe insoles for women that provides support and cushioning to the feet. These two are important in promoting better foot condition. The support given by this pair of shoe insoles for women is rooted in its unique filling. The filling is made with vegetable-based pharmaceutical-grade glycerin which is also FDA-approved. This glycerin filling is dynamic because it is in liquid form. So when you take each step, it moves back and forth your heel and toe.

This movement is the source of the massaging action unique to this pair of shoe insoles for women. With this massaging action, your feet get better blood circulation leading to better health and better nerve functioning.

When nutrient-and-oxygen-carrying blood is able to move better in your feet, your injuries can heal faster. Foot conditions like Morton’s Neuroma can also be better managed before it gets worse. Getting shoe insoles for women cannot totally solve more severe cases of Morton’s Neuroma. But, it can definitely provide an early relief from pain and help prevent the early stage of the condition from getting worse.