Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

Help Treat Calluses with Hydrofeet®

Blissful Times with HydroFeet

One time we were on a holiday, my daughters offered to give me a massage. I initially declined and told them I’m ok. But they insisted and said that they just want to make me feel good. Touched by this gesture, I agreed and asked them to just massage my feet. After I lay on the bed, they both started to work on each of my feet. The massage felt good, especially because I know it came from my daughters. As they were massaging my feet, one of them asked why the bottom of my feet felt harder than theirs. I just told them my feet are tired and that they will get soft after their massage. I didn’t expect that they’d feel my calluses at their age. I’ve been trying to treat them with some do-it-yourself home solutions like soaking my feet in warm water every night and applying foot moisturizer. To complete this treatment, I also use my Hydrofeet® shoe insoles for women.

I’ve always kept my Hydrofeet® shoe insoles for women handy all the time. I used to have thicker calluses years ago. But the condition is hardly observable now after wearing Hydrofeet®. Since calluses are formed due to excessive pressure on certain areas of the feet, wearing shoe insoles for women like Hydrofeet® can help prevent the worsening of this condition.

Hydrofeet® shoe insoles for women works by absorbing the impact and pressure my body exerts on my feet as I walk. The filling is made from vegetable-based glycerin. It acts as the shock absorber of the feet. It is in liquid state which makes it go back and forth under the feet, providing that cushioning support and massaging action.

Other shoe insoles for women use memory foam or gel. But these are not that effective in relieving the pressure on certain areas of the feet. Plus, a lot of them are too thick to serve their purpose as shoe insoles for women. This is because they make the shoes fit a little tighter than usual.

Hydrofeet® is remarkably different because of how thin it is. It’s as thin as several sheets of paper. This makes it ideal as shoe insoles for women because it doesn’t make your shoes fit tighter. A tight-fitting pair of shoes is one thing you should avoid if you want to prevent or treat calluses.

Hydrofeet® is uniquely thin. But, you don’t have to be concerned because it is made from a tough material. It makes use of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). TPU combines the properties of both rubber and plastic which are durability and lightness. This only means that it is up to the job of giving the unique support and massaging action that will help relieve the pressure on your feet.

When your feet get better support, pressure is relieved. This may help lead to minimal formation or even prevention of callus in certain areas of your feet. If you totally want to avoid nasty calluses on your feet, wearing a pair of shoe insoles for women like Hydrofeet® will be an excellent start.

Hydrofeet® is not intended to treat calluses that already exist. But, using this pair of shoe insoles for women helps manage the pain and discomfort usually linked to calluses as you undergo treatment. Remember, pressure is one of the root causes of callus formation. Hydrofeet® should be a good addition to the treatment provided by the medications available to slowly get rid of calluses. Once calluses are gone, the soft and smooth feet you dream about follows next.