Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

Get Closer to Nature with Hydrofeet®

Natur Trip with HydroFeet

I am nature lover. I enjoy seeing trees around, walking on surfaces covered with green grass, looking at mountains, and going to the beach. I have tried a lot of activities related to nature except perhaps one thing - camping. It’s not that I’m afraid of going deep into the mountain or forest. It’s just that I’m having difficulty walking on uneven terrain. I tried long time ago but backed out because of the pain my feet experienced throughout the journey. But foot pain is a thing of the past now because of my Hydrofeet® massaging insoles.

Several months ago, I received an invite from a dear friend to join him and his family on a camping with my husband and children. The campsite is located at the foot of a mountain so the terrain is naturally uneven. I initially declined this invitation but he told me it will not be really rough like I used to fear. He also added that the area is safe as it has been for the past 15 years. My daughters overheard our conversation and started to rejoice at the idea. I was quite forced to say yes immediately. I know it may be a tough walking journey. But I know I'll be up for it as long as I have my Hydrofeet® around.

Hydrofeet® massaging insoles is packed with pretty interesting features. I've seen other similar massaging insoles in the past and even tried some of them. Unfortunately, none came close to Hydrofeet®.

Hydrofeet® uses a unique FDA-approved pharmaceutical-grade glycerin as its main filling. Other massaging insoles use foam or gel. This glycerin filling glides back and forth with each step. This movement is responsible for providing the massaging action to the feet. This action helps in improving the blood circulation in the feet area. When blood circulation is good, muscles can function better. Because of this, movements and physical activities like walking become easier and less tiring.

I prepared the extra pair I have to take on this journey. I know it will help me solve the problem I have in walking on uneven surfaces. The squishy feeling takes over whenever I try it on. But, I’m already used to it. I called up my friend and told him we’re ready to take on this challenge. To his surprise, he asked what happened to me. I told him I found the best massaging insoles for my feet. I'm confident I can now conquer something I used to worry about.

The camping is still several months away but I think I’m ready for it when it comes. As long as I have my Hydrofeet® massaging insoles.