Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

Hydrofeet® Helps You Start a Healthier Lifestyle

One of my friends has just been told to lose some weight by her doctor. According to the scales, she has gone 15 lbs. beyond the normal weight for her age and height. She asked for my support to realize her goal to lose those extra pounds on her. She has to start little by little when it comes to losing weight. She was told by her doctor to start doing more moderate to brisk walks outdoors like parks and even malls. We now know she’s clinically overweight so doing exercises to lose weight started to make more sense to her. She started telling me her concerns about not being able to take the advice because of the sharp foot pain she feels when she walks. I advised her to use shoe insoles for women like Hydrofeet®. It helps provide a little more comfort if not totally get rid of the pain.
Relax and sit back with HydroFeet
Hesitant, she asked how it will help her. I told her that Hydrofeet® provides a unique massaging action with each step. The massaging action is unique because it comes from the back and forth movement of the filling. The filling is made with FDA-approved pharmaceutical-grade glycerin and is generally in liquid state. This liquid filling is ideal because it absorbs impact of the human weight better than the usual memory foam or gel used in other shoe insoles for women.

She was a bit taken aback by my explanation because of the technicalities I discussed about Hydrofeet®. After this, she expressed her concern it may not last long because of her current weight. I told her to not worry about it because Hydrofeet® was designed to be durable as all shoe insoles for women should be.

The material used is called thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) which possesses the best qualities of rubber and plastic. TPU makes this pair of shoe insoles for women very flexible, thin, and lightweight at the same time. She won’t feel like she has something extra inside her shoes. I just warned her that it may take some time getting used to because of the “squishy” feeling.

Convinced, she proceeded to try it out. Fortunately, her decision to use Hydrofeet® shoe insoles for women paid off. She was able to start walking more without the foot pain. One time, we both agreed to meet at the park to have a picnic with my family. I gave the area farthest from the available parking space. I wanted to push her to walk longer distance and see how she’ll live her commitment to do more walking.

To my relief as her dear friend, I could already see big smiles on her face as she approached me sitting on the picnic mat. I looked forward to her new stories about starting to live a healthier life before it’s too late.