Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

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Two years ago, a good friend of mine started working in a retail clothing store. Her job basically required her to be standing up and walking around 90% of the time. She is wearing at least 3-inch high heels in doing this. I know she took the job because she likes talking to people and educating them about clothing and fashion. Sadly, her job came with a painful price. The long hours of standing and walking around the shop have consistently given her foot and sometimes leg pains. In my desire to help her find relief, I needed to have her try Hydrofeet® shoe insoles for women.

Her birthday was happening soon so I decided to give it as a birthday gift. I visited the shop where she works. She immediately approached and asked me what she could do to help. Upon seeing her, I greeted her a happy birthday and handed over something to her as my gift. She thanked me and asked what it was. But I just said it’s a surprise that I hope will help her a lot. An hour later, she went on lunch break and immediately opened my gift in the pantry before taking her lunch.

She initially had a mixed reaction to the gift. This was due to the frustrations she’s had many times over the use of other shoe insoles for women. But since it was my gift, she said she decided to give it a shot. After all, she said she hasn’t tried out Hydrofeet®. She went through the product information sheet to learn more about it. As she read along, she realized that this is entirely different from the other products she has tried before.

Hydrofeet® is a pair of shoe insoles for women that uses FDA-approved pharmaceutical grade glycerin as filling. This already sets it apart from the other products in the market. Other shoe insoles for women normally use memory foam or gel in providing support to the feet. Glycerin is in liquid state that makes it ideal in absorbing impact with the smallest or no resistance at all.

It also seems to be ahead of other shoe insoles for women when it comes to durability. It uses thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) in housing the glycerin filling. Other products that use either rubber or plastic don’t work long enough. TPU combines the properties of both rubber and plastic that make it both durable and lightweight at the same time.

I asked her to immediately put it to the test. She wore them after her lunch break and immediately felt the “weird” difference. She said she felt a squishy feeling under her feet which resembles the feeling of walking on water. She seemed disoriented at first. She also felt scared her that she may trip for the remaining hours of her shift that day. A colleague encouraged her and said that she just has to get herself used to it. I asked her to wear it for a few more hours and days to get the hang of it.

I called her up after her work and asked how she got by wearing her new pair of shoe insoles for women. She said the “weird” feeling started becoming to feel like a foot massage. After 1 week, I visited her again to invite her for dinner. She approached me with a bigger smile and enthusiasm than usual. I checked on how she’s doing so far. She responded with gratitude and thanked me again for the best gift I have given her. Now, she feels a lot more relieved walking and standing up at work. This is all thanks to Hydrofeet® shoe insoles for women.

I’ve always known she’s been doing a great job at work. But I’m happier that I’ve also done a great job as her friend in choosing a gift that gave her a priceless experience.