Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

Hydrofeet®: Our Best Buddy in Caring for Our Feet Daily

HydroFeet for Infants

Walking and running are two of the most common activities we do every day. A lot of our activities involve walking or running like

  • moving around the house,
  • rushing to our office,
  • walking on parks' lawns, and
  • enjoying other life's little pleasures.
These actions involving our dear feet will more or less take their toll on them someday.

This may start setting off alarms to take care of your feet better. But, there’s no need to panic about it. Because there’s a product to help you do it - Hydrofeet®.

Hydrofeet® massaging insole is the latest in shoe insert technology. It provides unmatched support to your feet and makes you feel like you're walking on water.

This pair massaging insoles uses pharmaceutical-grade, FDA-approved glycerin as filling. Glycerin absorbs impact of the human body weight from walking or running. This filling is in liquid form. It is better than the common memory foam or gel in absorbing the pressure and impact of our activities. The glycerin filling also glides back and forth the massaging insoles as you take each step. This gives you that unique massaging action.

When our feet are constantly given the massage they need, blood circulation improves. With improved circulation, supply of blood and nutrients to our feet and leg muscles also becomes better. This results to better condition of our feet. Healthy feet means the longer we can count on them to get us through our daily activities.

Hydrofeet® massaging insole is definitely the best walking and running partner you can get from the market. It provides you comfort like no other. It doesn’t just make walking and running more bearable. It certainly helps you provide your feet with the proper care and attention they deserve.

Walking and running seem like a normal routine to us. But, they can be quite brutal to our feet. It’s better to take no chances in risking the overall well being of our feet.

After all, they’ve been with us through thick and thin.