Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

Hydrofeet® Helps Improve Our Body’s Own Healing Process

Hydro Theraphy anywhere you go!

I once suffered an ankle sprain which affected my ability to walk normally for a while. During the recovery period, I noticed that the injury in my left foot was taking longer than usual to heal. I consulted a doctor about it and learned that circulation is an important factor for healing. I was injured in my lower extremities. Because of this, circulation has not been as good because of its distance from the heart. I had to find a way to give my circulation a boost in my legs and feet area. Since I was undergoing physical therapy, I was advised to supplement the leg and foot exercise I was told to do. So I had the idea to use my Hydrofeet® massaging insoles more often.

Hydrofeet® is one of the most helpful massaging insoles you can ever own. This is especially helpful if you are currently recovering from or have experienced foot or leg injury. It provides an unmatched massaging action every time you take a step. This pair of massaging insoles does it in a unique way that it’ll make you feel like you’re walking on water. This is exactly what I feel every time I use it.

The secret is in the FDA-approved pharmaceutical-grade glycerin as filling. This is a lot better than the usual memory foam or gel in other products. Glycerin doesn’t resist my body’s weight impact. It absorbs it in each step.

The filling glides back and forth inside the massaging insoles. This movement provides the unique massaging action as I take each step. This massage helps improve circulation in my leg and foot area. With better circulation, my body can heal itself better.

After a few weeks of using Hydrofeet® massaging insoles, my recovery has been on a better track. I was able to get back on my feet again soon enough.

After almost two weeks, I've been declared fully-recovered. I was also given the green light to resume my normal activities prior to my injury. But, I never let go of wearing my Hydrofeet® regularly even at home. It helped me a lot in the healing process. I know it will now play another role in my life after recovering from my injury. That role is to make my feet feel better and look healthier.