Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

Take Care of Your Feet With Hydrofeet®

Tension-Free Feet

My daughters were watching cartoons of the olden days in YouTube last night. They were so into it, so I got interested to check out what they were specifically watching... Flintstones! Made me realize how lucky we are right now with all these technologies. Long before the invention of wheels, and all other modes of transportation, our feet have always been there for us. They have helped us accomplish feats that we would otherwise be unable to do. They help us move from to one place to another, win a marathon, drive cars, and a lot more than we can imagine. Because of this, they are probably one of the most physically abused body parts. In helping our feet deal better with all the "abuse", using Hydrofeet® massaging insoles can be a great start.

Our feet deserve nothing but the best care. Using massaging insoles like Hydrofeet® is one of the easiest ways to show that we care for our feet. Hydrofeet® provides a unique massaging action to our feet when we walk or run, which gives our feet the much-deserved comfort.

This pair of massaging insoles uses pharmaceutical-grade and FDA-approved glycerin as filling. Since glycerin is in liquid form, it does not sag over time like gel, rubber, and foam do. Plus, it actually provides an ideal support as you move your dear feet. It shifts your weight from the back and front area of your feet surface as you walk.

Imagine carrying our entire body weight all day. Our feet are always in danger, from sharp rocks, uneven concrete surfaces, and nails to name a few. They would have probably quit their job long ago if they could.

But if you think they will hang around forever, think again. Although, they cannot really leave us literally, they also go through the natural wear and tear. As we age, they get more and more abused without proper care. Just think of bunions, and cracked heels to know how bad our feet suffer from neglect and abuse.

Because Hydrofeet® massaging insoles provides additional cushion to the feet, it is able to absorb the pressure exerted by our body weight as well as the pressure coming from the surface we step on be it concrete, tiles, or grass.

Hydrofeet® shoe insoles for women is made up of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) to ensure it lives up to the challenges. TPU combines the properties of both plastic and rubber. This makes it ideal for repetitive use in activities like walking. The material is durable enough to withstand repetitive pressure of walking, running, and even jumping. It can also withstand the impact of the human body weight and the pressure of the ground surface.

But don’t be deceived by this toughness! This pair of massaging insoles is absolutely machine-washable to keep them clean all the time. Since TPU does not hold or retain much water when washed, just hang them dry like your shirt and you’re good to go.

Since our feet are basically sandwiched between the pressure of our bodies and the resistance from the ground, massaging insoles greatly help in relieving this physical stress on our feet.

Reflexology has already pointed out that the nerves in our feet are connected to our other body parts. This means we have to take care of our feet if we want to achieve overall health.

After all, our feet need just as much care as the other parts. So getting an effective pair of massaging insoles like Hydrofeet® is just one of the easiest ways to provide this care.

Perfect for people who need to be on the go all the time!

Given the need to be on the move, our dear feet need the utmost support. Hydrofeet® is here to provide our feet exactly that support.

The features and benefits of Hydrofeet® shoe insoles for women and men have been suited to your needs. So you can be assured that you provide the needed tender love and care for your two pals down there. They deserve it!

So when you complain about carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, don’t forget that your feet carry you too.

All in enduring silence.