Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

No Pain No Gain? Not True! - Hydrofeet®

High Heels with HydroFeet


Walking is the best form of exercise. You can get a lot of benefits from it. It’s free, and it makes us healthier! We can do it anytime, anywhere. We walk while shopping, sweeping the floor, during meeting presentations, and while teaching a large class. We are always on our toes and this could be tiring and painful at times. But when we walk with Hydrofeet®, at least we know we’re up for a better and smoother ride... or walk.

Hydrofeet® is a massaging insole that provides the most unique experience one can get from an insole. It actually makes you feel like walking on water.

Crazy but true! How does it do it? Simple.

Hydrofeet® is made of FDA-approved vegetable-based pharmaceutical-grade glycerin filling. It’s totally safe and won’t harm you at all. You can leave it inside your shoes even if you have cats or dogs. If your child mistakes it for a toy, no problem at all!

And since most of us spend most of our time on our feet, the manufacturers used thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) in making Hydrofeet®. TPU is known for its strength and flexibility. TPU makes Hydrofeet® last longer than other shoe insoles. It would probably last a lifetime. Together with glycerin, which is liquid in nature, Hydrofeet® takes the shape of our feet as we move around.

As we grow older, we walk more and more. We walk every day of our lives. We walk almost as often as we breathe. It has become a second-nature activity to us. I know some people who even sleepwalk! We were so excited when we first learned how to walk. Mom and Dad were even there cheering for us. The neighbors were probably there, too. Everybody was so excited for that milestone.

Now, we've reached the point that we sometimes dread walking.


Because walking became more and more painful.
Painful as we grow older. Painful as we do it longer.

That’s why it’s important to take care of our feet. After all, we shop for the best pillows to comfort our heads during sleep. So why not do the same to our feet?

Imagine. Men put roughly 250 pounds of pressure on his feet when he walks. That’s like having a giant adult panda on each of your foot. On the other hand, women exert about 150 pounds of pressure. This makes our feet probably one of the most abused parts of our body.

As you walk with Hydrofeet®, the pressure from your weight is transferred from one end of the shoe inserts to the other. The liquid filling inside moves back and forth - front to back - under your feet... just like a seesaw. Because Hydrofeet® is dynamic, it provides additional support and cushion to your feet. It doesn’t fight the pressure. It absorbs it! Other massaging insoles on the market are made of rubber or foam. These materials do the opposite.

That’s how Hydrofeet® says goodbye to the pain from walking and standing.

But beyond the pain that Hydrofeet® massaging insole takes away, it puts us back in control of our lives. Control that we may have lost due to our bad foot conditions like bunions, calluses, and corns.

Now, who said No Pain No Gain is true? When Hydrofeet® proved us it can be NO PAIN ALL GAIN after all!