Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

Treat Heel Pain with Massaging Insoles

Comfort with High Heels


Do you feel tenderness on your heel even when it does not have any injury? It’s likely that you are suffering from heel pain. Podiatrists cited several possible causes of heel pain. I have plantar fasciitis that causes me post-static dyskinesia or pain after rest, usually when I get up in the morning. Heel pain can be very debilitating and I don’t know exactly how I would have survived without Hydrofeet® massaging insoles.

I’ve done some research on the anatomy of the feet for us to better understand how heel pain develops, since this is a common problem among us. Nearly 3.6 of the population in the US suffer from heel pain.

There are actually 26 bones that make up the human foot and the calcaneus or heel is the largest among these bones. The feet, especially the heels, are the shock absorbers of the body when we walk or run. When we’re walking, about 1.25 times our body weight is exerted on the heels and 2.75 times when we’re running. All this wear and tear predispose the heels to certain injuries. Although this is generally mechanically caused, other health problems like neurologic, systemic, and autoimmune disorders may also lead to heel pain.

Contrary to other foot conditions that are due to wearing elevated shoes, heel pain is triggered when wearing flat footwear as this stretches the plantar fascia leading to inflammation and pain. It is high time that you consult your podiatrist especially when heel pain is accompanied by fever, numbness and inability to stand. Heel pain can be treated through surgery but there are also non-invasive treatments such as the use of splints and orthotics like Hydrofeet® massaging insoles.

This massaging insoles is perfect for heel pain since it is made of pharmaceutical grade glycerin which shifts back and forth with each step creating a prolonged massaging effect. Just give your tootsies time to adjust to the squishy feeling of the Hydrofeet® shoe insoles for women or men, and I assure you that they would be an effective treatment for your heel pain. Now, you can say goodbye to that pesky heel ache.