Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

Massaging Insoles Help Diabetic People

Insoles for Diabetics


Do you know that people with diabetes have higher risk of developing foot problems? The spike in blood sugar levels is the primary cause of nerve damage among diabetics, especially the nerves located in the lower extremities. This condition is referred to as diabetic neuropathy or peripheral neuropathy, and is oftentimes associated with poor circulation. With the help of massaging insoles, blood circulation on the feet is improved.

To help you better understand how diabetic neuropathy impedes blood circulation, I have further researched about the said medical condition. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder. In people with diabetes, the special cells in their pancreas, called beta cells, fail to produce enough insulin. Glucose needs insulin so they can get into the cells and provide them energy. The absence of insulin makes it difficult for glucose to get into the cells; glucose just stays in the blood.

High blood glucose isn’t good for the body, and this often leads to other problems including poor circulation and wound healing, and nerve damage which can be directly linked with poor circulation. This is also one of the reasons why diabetic people are prone to infection. The peripheral nerve damage makes them unaware of the painful stimulus on the affected area. For instance, they’ll get cut or punctured with an object without realizing it and the poor circulation makes it hard for the wound to heal, doubling their risk for infection.

Massaging insoles Hydrofeet® (which I’ve been using and personally recommend) is made of glycerin. The continuous massaging effect helps improve blood circulation on the peripheries. This also helps flush the glucose deposited in the bloodstream and replace it with oxygen-rich blood. Not only do the massaging insoles helps improve circulation, but it also decreases friction (while walking) and absorbs shock as well. Do you know someone suffering from diabetic neuropathy? You may share this piece of information to show that you truly care.

Hydrofeet® for women and men will surely make a difference in their lives like how this massaging insoles changed my diabetic mother’s life for the better!