Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

Massaging Insoles for Your Achy Feet

Foot Pain

Why do our feet hurt? There are several reasons for this. Primitive people were spared from foot pain as they were treading barefoot on soft ground, unlike us nowadays. Almost everywhere we go, we walk on hard concrete and this is one of the reasons why our feet feel very sore and tired. Aside from that, we’re also not very mindful of our footwear. Both of these factors affect the alignment of our whole bone structure, especially those in our feet.

The condition is even aggravated by the deposition of body wastes such as uric acid and lactic acid. Some people feel very doomed that they may just have to deal with the excruciating foot pain throughout their lives, but not anymore that massaging insoles, such as Hydrofeet®, are here.

Nearly 50% of those who have foot problems resort to insoles to alleviate pain. How massaging insoles work is based on a 2500-year-old physics principle. This principle states that the movement of fluid is influenced by pressure. Fluid moves to an area of lesser resistance and greater need. Among the different materials and ingredients available, glycerin has been chosen by Hydrofeet® manufacturer. Why? Because glycerin is way denser than other similar materials. And because of its dense consistency, it tends to move a lot slower creating a more effective therapeutic massage.

Another reason why we need cushion for our achy feet is because as we age, we tend to lose that fat pad on our soles. There are people who lose the fat padding on their feet at a rather early age as opposed to some who lose it later in life or never. The thinning out of these fat pads causes the bones to come in close contact with the skin creating both friction and pressure resulting to pain.

Massaging insoles provide you with all the cushioning you need especially if you think that the fat pads are already starting to get thin making your feet very achy. The glycerin on the insoles also keeps your feet buoyant so you’ll literally feel like walking on water just like what my Hydrofeet® massaging insoles does for me.