Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

Why You Need Massaging Insoles Now


why get a massage insoles?

I must say massaging insoles are one of the greatest inventions ever made in my entire existence. For an individual like me who experiences the excruciating pain that plantar fasciitis brings, I couldn’t thank enough whoever invented the first insole prototype. Although there are several orthotics available out there and I have tried a some of them, nothing can ever beat the comfort Hydrofeet® massaging insoles afford me. It really lives up to its promise of letting you experience that feeling of “walking on water”.

We spend an average of most of our waking hours on our feet every day, walking or running. Some people may be on their feet for longer hours because of the nature of their jobs. The longer the time we spend standing, the more stressful it is for our feet. Our feet are considered to be one of the most hardworking parts of our body, yet we do very little to take care of them. We just tend to build up the burden on our feet every single day. Before these various feet conditions take their toll on us, it’s about time that we give our feet a treat with Hydrofeet® shoe insoles for women and men.

Aside from the fact that this massaging insoles really feels good - like getting a foot massage in a spa - there are also other reasons why we need them. If you’ve ever watched movies with a king or an emperor in it, getting a foot massage is one way of pampering themselves. The next good thing about wearing massage insoles is that they relieve a great deal of stress exerted on our feet. You can just imagine having to bear 120 pounds or more (depending on your body weight) each day.

Massaging insoles are also proven to be effective especially in dealing with several foot conditions and even correcting your posture. And when it comes to this type of massaging insoles, Hydrofeet® stands out among all brands as it is made of pharmaceutical grade glycerin which is known to provide better arch support and cushion your feet need.

With or without foot problems, you have to try Hydrofeet® massaging insoles. You know what they say. “Prevention is better than cure.”