Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

The Benefits of Wearing Massaging Insoles

Benefits of Massaging Insoles


Wearing shoe insoles have several profound benefits. I know most of us have no idea that at least 70% of us actually suffer from a foot condition that impacts our overall health, and nearly 10 percent of Americans suffer from plantar fasciitis throughout their lifetime. Flat feet (overpronation) also affects almost three quarters of the population. There’s no need to fret though as all the aforementioned conditions can be treated or at least given remedy with the help of massaging insoles such as Hydrofeet®.

I’ve been a Hydrofeet® user for a while now, and I’m really glad that the insoles helps me deal with my plantar fasciitis. There are also several conditions that Hydrofeet® massaging insoles can help resolve such as Morton’s neuroma, peripheral neuropathy, bunions, heel spurs.

When we walk, the feet absorb majority of the shock. It is necessary to prevent friction in between muscles and bones with every movement of the feet by using shoe insoles. Feet orthoses primarily help in guiding and restricting every movement of the feet. But there is Hydrofeet® that does not restrict the movement, but rather absorbs the shock and minimize the friction.

People with foot deformities developed over time can greatly benefit from Hydrofeet® shoe insoles for women and men. This insoles also helps correct your posture and improve blood circulation; thus, improving promoting overall wellness. People with extra weight are particularly advised to wear shoe insoles as the excess weight can aggravate the condition of their feet.

Regardless of what foot condition you’re suffering from, shoe insoles generally help ensure healthy foot mechanics and reduce inflammation at the same time. Regular shoe insoles provide enough cushioning and support. However, the customized ones, which are better, target a specific condition and correct the anatomical imbalance.

Hydrofeet® shoe insoles for women and men is considered an over-the-counter shoe inserts, but it is reportedly better that the rest, even than custom orthotics. I can attest to that. There is no other shoe insoles that could improve overall health better than Hydrofeet®.