Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

Proper Use of Your Feet Insoles

Formal Pain from Formal Shoewaer


It really does not take a long time for us to get accustomed with the shoe insoles we’re wearing. Like Hydrofeet® user Lisa Fisher, it also took me just about a week to get used to that feeling of walking on water. You just have to be patient though because once you get used to it, the upshots will be amazing. I have listed some tips below on how to make the adjustment phase of wearing your new pair of massaging insoles a whole lot easier.

Slowly But Surely

You cannot, of course, expect yourself to get comfortable during the first week of wearing massaging insoles, most especially if it is your first time. You may experience mild discomforts during the first few days of wearing them. This happens because the muscles of your feet are still adjusting. One way of training your muscles to adapt is by wearing the insoles just a few hours daily. You can gradually increase the number of hours that your wear the insoles with each passing day. During the second week, however, you should already start wearing the insoles for longer hours as there will be little to no discomfort anymore.

Consistency is Important

For you to get the maximum benefits, it is recommended that you use Hydrofeet® shoe insoles for women and men as often as you can. Constantly wearing it also helps improve your posture. If you only have one pair of insoles, you should transfer them each time your wear a different shoe. Better yet, buy multiple pairs.  With Hydrofeet® insoles, you may or may not remove the original insole of the shoe. It is suggested that you get at least two pairs of insoles, one for daily use and the other for activities like running. This is also recommended to give each pair a day off to make them last longer.

With Hydrofeet® massaging insoles, you get quick relief from sore, tired feet.