Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

Running Insoles and Orthoses: What’s the Difference?

Running Insoles

What’s exactly the difference between running insoles and orthoses? You may think that they are the same, and can be used interchangeably. The same question also popped in my mind while I was doing my daily jog, that's why I think it would be interesting to talk about their similarities and differences.

Over-the-counter shoe insoles, on one hand, are not manufactured for a specific foot condition, and are usually produced in bulk. Insoles are have standard form and functions, and can provide relief from a number of foot problems. Several companies have also manufactured running insoles to meet the demands of runners and other athlete, but just the same, they are not customized.

Running insoles usually come in different types: low arch, neutral arch and high arch. Before you are prescribed with the type of insole you need, your feet structure has to be assessed first. The test involves standing on a pressure platform that will determine whether you have low, high or normal arches. The Wet Foot Test and Foot Type model are also being utilized by the shoe industry since the 80's to determine specific arch types.

Although the terms may sound the same, there’s actually a fine line between regular insoles and orthoses. Orthoses (singular form, orthosis) is primarily made to suit the specific need of your feet. These are also made by trained professionals like podiatrist, pedorthist or orthotist. Furthermore, orthoses can be classified into two: functional and accommodative. Functional orthoses are made to correct the skeletal deformity of your feet, whilst accommodative ones only provide cushion and support. Both types of orthoses provide pain relief, though.

It is really important to know the different feet orthotics so you’ll know which one is best for you. There may be a wide array of insoles available in the market, and studies have found that anything you slip under your feet can have effect on them, either positively or negatively.

As for me, I’m very pleased with Hydrofeet® running insoles as these provide me just the perfect cushioning and arch support needed. Running can be very stressful to the feet and it’s very important to pick the insoles that you’re most comfy wearing. With Hydrofeet®, I feel minimal impact each time my feet land on the ground. You can literally jog for another extra mile with Hydrofeet® running insoles.

It is neither a functional orthosis nor an accommodative orthosis, but this massaging insoles definitely works better than the rest. Hydrofeet® is running insoles and orthoses in one. Try it and see it for yourself.