Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

Hydrofeet® Massaging Insoles for Happier Feet

Happy Feet with HydroFeet


Having sore tired feet can be worrisome. Before I decided to quit my job as a college professor and become a full-time mom and wife, I usually cap off my day complaining about how my painful feet could not get any worse. I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and finding a treatment that really works for me appeared to be a rather elusive dream. It took me a couple of years resorting to different treatment modes and trying out different insoles until one day, I found my way to Hydrofeet® massaging insoles.

Michael Carr’s sister also had a pretty similar story. According to him, his sister’s feet just seemed to constantly ache. As a matter of fact, she already planned on just amputating her small toe two years ago just to alleviate the pain. Although she sees to it that she pays her professional massage therapist a regular visit every week, her foot pains just became even more pervasive. Michael decided to give Hydrofeet® massaging insoles for women a try and purchased it for his sister. The insoles really helped a lot in relieving pain. It only took her a few days to get used to the new insoles. Michael also checked his sister’s foot condition and to his surprise, her pain level decreased from 8 to 4. She suffered from excruciating foot pain for 20 agonizing years, resorting to various modes of treatment and only found relief with Hydrofeet®.

We may not suffer from foot pain right now but when the fatty pads on our soles begin to erode, the pain becomes insidious. Massaging insoles like Hydrofeet® provide us with all the necessary cushioning to relieve the pressure on our soles. Hydrofeet® makes an excellent replacement for these eroded fat pads. This massaging insoles also helps relieve the fatigue on your legs from walking on hard surfaces so you cap off the day with happier feet and happier you.