Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

Improve Blood Circulation with Hydrofeet® Massaging Insoles

Running with HydroFeet


Do you find yourself huffing and puffing after a non-strenuous activity? There’s a likelihood that you’re suffering from poor blood circulation. Numbing of the extremities could be another symptom evident in people with circulation problems. But don't worry. Oftentimes, all you need is just exercise, such as running, and a good pair of shoe insoles like Hydrofeet®, to improve blood circulation. Nevertheless, take into consideration first your current health condition before trying to engage in running so as to avoid future complications.

Understanding the Mechanism of Circulation

The heart is the primary organ involved in the circulatory process of the body as it’s responsible for pumping blood to the different organs and systems. As soon as the heart fails to properly pump blood, that’s the time that symptoms like breathlessness, pallor and numbing of the extremities usually surface. As long as there are no other serious underlying conditions such as coronary artery disease, problems with circulation can be solved by regularly jogging. Running has been found to improve circulation by requiring the heart to pump harder so as to increase the volume of blood to be circulated throughout the body. With the improved blood flow, especially towards the extremities, the different organs are nourished since blood also carries oxygen and other nutrients.

How Hydrofeet® Running Insoles Helped Me

Aside from dealing with excruciating heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis, I must admit that my body circulation isn’t also that perfect considering that I didn’t really observe an active lifestyle during my younger years. That’s why I’m doubling up my time and effort in running and walking so as to improve circulation. I can attest that Hydrofeet® massaging insoles greatly helps in running. Not only do the insoles help lessen the impact of landing on my feet but massage them as well. The mere act of running already boosts circulation, so it’s like doubling the effect with this running massaging insoles.

With the fast-paced, yet sedentary kind of lifestyle that we have, I think it’s high time that we spend a portion of our valued time engaging into something healthy such as exercise and wearing Hydrofeet® shoe insoles for women and men.