Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

Hydrofeet®: The Best Shoe Inserts for Fallen Arches




I am among those unlucky few who got flat feet and this was never easy for me. The mere act of walking around can already be stressful to my feet. The pain is usually localized around my arches and my heels. At times, when I check my feet, I notice they become swollen, specifically the inside bottom part. I blame flat feet for the back and leg pains that I have been experiencing. I thought I would be endlessly whining about this but I just got lucky when I started using my Hydrofeet® shoe insoles for women and men.

Aside from the symptoms that I’ve mentioned above, there are also other ways to know whether or not you have a condition called flat feet or “fallen arches”. This is also medically referred to as pes planus. When you lose the natural arches causing your feet to entirely touch the floor, you likely have flat feet.  There are actually two types of pes planus. The first one is the flexible pes planus wherein the feet are only flattened when standing but eventually return to their arch when lifted off the ground. The second type is the rigid pes planus. In this condition, the feet totally lose their arches in both positions, either standing or raised.

Medical treatment isn’t really necessary for flat feet, especially if the condition is discovered during an early age and pain is not present. Since mine wasn’t discovered when I was younger, I opted for Hydrofeet® to correct the mechanical imbalance of my feet. Now, I’m so relieved that it works perfectly for me. I don’t have to undergo those painful surgical procedures.

What’s great about these shoe insoles is that they take the contour of your feet and you can literally slip them on any kind of footwear. You can insert these on your sandals, running shoes, and even on heels. I have tried running with Hydrofeet® massaging insoles for women, and I can attest that my feet felt more comfortable. Although, these may not really correct the flat feet that I have, these worked great in alleviating pain.  

Overall, having a fallen arch or flat feet is a medical condition that is impossible to prevent. Majority of the cases are found to be inherited. Surgery is also only being performed if flat foot is already associated with ruptured tendons. By far, the best management for flat feet is through the use of arch supports or massaging insoles like Hydrofeet®.