Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

Experience Squishy Goodness with Hydrofeet® Foot Pain Insoles

Are you also among those unlucky few suffering from arch pain? It’s high time you experience some squishy goodness. I can proudly declare that I have been constantly ouch-free since I started using Hydrofeet® foot pain insoles.



Getting up in the morning with stabbing pain on my heels and during my daily walks are not anymore dreadful because of my latest discovery. I’m more than pleased with my experience with Hydrofeet® and because of this, I’d like to share what another satisfied customer like me has to say about this wonderful shoe insoles for women and men.

Pat has been suffering from an agonizing arch pain for almost a year. He was hesitant on trying to resort to these foot pain insoles as some of them are actually just rip-offs. Nevertheless, he eventually gave in to the idea and tried Hydrofeet® for the first time.

Initially, he thought that wearing Hydrofeet® shoe inserts made his feet feel uncomfortable, especially the more affected foot. However, this didn’t really give him a bad notion about buying Hydrofeet®. He continued wearing them instead and, poof! Would you believe it? In just a week’s time of wearing Hydrofeet®, the arch pain that he’s suffering for almost a year was manageable? Not to mention he was also able to return to playing tennis without experiencing a bit of pain.

He immediately became a fan of Hydrofeet® after having tried its glorious squishy goodness (as he described it). Pat thought that the product is reasonably priced given all the benefits you can reap from it. As a matter of fact, he’s planning to get another pair. 

Hydrofeet®’s squishy goodness is no magic. The secret to being relieved from foot pain is Hydrofeet® best arch support inserts. It has the arch support that your feet needs, as it is made of FDA-approved, pharmaceutical-grade glycerin which is 50 times more viscous than regular shoe inserts. It also provides stronger support than the materials other insoles are made of.

There are also some insoles that just plop flat once you walk on solid ground and this creates a strong blow on the arches of your feet, making them even more painful. Hydrofeet® foot pain insoles are ideally designed to give your arches enough support especially when walking on hard surfaces. This exerts minimal strain on the arches; thus, relieving pain.

So, if you want to experience squishy goodness and bid adieu to arch pain, try Hydrofeet® massaging insoles.