Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

Why Wear Hydrofeet® Shoe Inserts?

Majority of us don’t know the proper way of taking care of our feet. Some would think that having regular foot massage would already suffice. Do you splurge just to get a soothing foot massage? Being able to take good care of your feet requires more than just that. I have learned from the orthopedic experts that one of the excellent ways to protect our feet is through the use of foot orthotics like Hydrofeet® massaging insoles.



We have this faulty belief that buying expensive shoes is already enough to give our feet the protection they need from undue pressure and impact. When women want to get fashionable shoes, they tend to buy the most popular brands in hope that they will not hurt as much as the equally fashionable but cheaper alternatives.

However, brands do not matter as much as getting the best shoe insoles. Only the right shoe inserts can give the support and protection our feet needs.  Do you know where all of foot-related medical conditions stem from? It’s actually from the failure to use the appropriate insoles or by not using any insoles at all. We have to find shoe insoles that are not only corrective, but preventive as well.

Foot conditions develop due to the wear and tear of the muscle and bones caused by our daily activities such as running, walking and even standing; not to mention that the tissues on our feet (specifically around the heels) are very thin and delicate. Constant build-up of pressure and impact on this area causes the tissue to become inflamed and this is the time you start complaining about that excruciating foot pain.

Hydrofeet® is such a lifesaver because this insoles have the best arch support and cushioning that you’re looking for. For those of you who don’t know, Hydrofeet® massaging insoles is made of pharmaceutical-grade glycerin which has 50 times the viscosity than other popular shoe insole materials (gel, rubber, and foam). Aside from providing sturdy support, especially on the arches of your feet, wearing a pair of Hydrofeet® literally feels like walking on water as the fluid on the insoles shifts back and forth with each step you take.

Oops! Before I forget, let me tell you that using Hydrofeet® shoe inserts isn’t just protecting your feet but your footwear as well. This is because Hydrofeet® massaging insoles save both your feet and your shoes from too much shock and pressure from concrete surfaces. Do you want that pricey designer shoes to last? It’s about time to slip on a pair of Hydrofeet® with your Louboutin’s for a fashionable and happy feet.