Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

For the Love of Killer Heels and Feet Insoles



I’ve learned from the glossies that every woman like us should have a pair of elegant high heels, to match with our little black dress. Women love high heels because they give them the poise and grace when they strut, and that extra sway of the hips. I must confess I also do love heels and my collection just keeps growing each year. I reckon I already have over a hundred pairs.

But, when I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, I was left without a choice but to wear flat loafers and doll shoes. Sure they were trendy and some doll shoes looks so cute with different colors and prints to choose from. But I just missed wearing my killer heels! Well, that was before I had my pair of shoe insoles from Hydrofeet®.

At first, I thought I had Morton’s neuroma because my foot condition was aggravated with the use of heels. Every time I wore them, I just had the impulse to take them off and rub the affected foot. I have read that this is one of the cardinal signs of Morton’s neuroma, aside from the sensation or the feeling of having a fold on your sock.

Morton’s neuroma is a condition which involves the swelling of the nerve tissues that connect the toes. This commonly develops between the third and fourth toes. One would often feel sharp, burning pain located inside the ball of the foot. Others may also complain that it’s as if they’re standing on a pebble.

Morton’s neuroma can be treated in a number of ways, ranging from conservative to surgical approaches. Research findings link the development of Morton’s neuroma with the frequent use of high heels as this causes an individual to bear a lot weight on the balls of the feet. So if you have Morton's neuroma, your podiatrist would definitely advise you to do away with heeled footwear.

Sorry, ladies, but no stilettos for you this time. Additionally, you will be required to consistently use arch support and feet insoles. These would greatly help relieve the nerve compression in your feet. Apart from that, the feet insoles will also prevent your toes from excessively spreading.

However, not every insoles would fit all kinds of shoes like Hydrofeet® massaging insoles does. You don’t only get to experience walking on water with Hydrofeet®, you can also have the perfect fit as well. As this foot insoles can easily fit in your pair of high heels, you can regain that elegance, grace, and confidence that only your killer heels could bring.