Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

Three Reasons Why Hydrofeet® is the Best Arch Support Inserts



We live in a place where there are lots of amusement parks and other tourist attractions. Museums, animal shelters, theme parks, and playgrounds, we all have those here. Last weekend, I had another great opportunity to bond with my family when we visited the Space View Walk and Park. What’s one thing in common among parks? It involves a lot of walking and this always puts me in quandary. I usually cannot stand long walks but I have to endure it as my twins enjoy visiting parks a lot. It’s really a great thing that I have my Hydrofeet® insoles. It has become my walking buddy since our last trip to Disneyland.

I was born with flat feet and this is the reason why l never liked the idea of long walks. Most of us just often disregard the shapes of our feet because we don’t know that this is actually associated with some medical conditions that we experience such as back and hip pains.

There are 28 bones that make up each foot and these help keep our balance. Normally, our feet would absorb the shock when we walk over soft surfaces such as sand or dirt but not on flat, hard surfaces like concrete, tiles or wood. The impact created when we walk over these hard surfaces is actually five times our body weight.

Hydrofeet® helps correct my poorly aligned bones and this made walking a lot more fun. If you decide to visit theme parks or go on a trip abroad, you might as well pack up your Hydrofeet® insoles before you hit the road. Here are some of my personal reasons why Hydrofeet® is the best arch support inserts for a day in the park:

Firm Arch Support

I have tried using other insoles and I must say that every time I step on a hard surface, the insoles just plops flat on the surface and this even made my feet more painful. Hydrofeet® is made of firm materials, so it gives the arch of your feet enough support.

Perfect Cushion

Walking seems way more bearable with Hydrofeet® insoles because these provide my feet perfect cushioning. Hydrofeet®. This arch support shoe inserts excellently absorbs the shock by letting my feet float off the shoe each time these tread a hard surface.

Massaging Effect

What I love the most about Hydrofeet® insoles is that with each step I take, it creates a soothing massage effect on my feet by shifting the fluid inside the insoles back and forth. Indeed, it literally feels like walking on water. Furthermore, this also improves circulation as the insoles continue to massage my feet.

Whether I go running around for errands or having my day in the park, I never leave home without my Hydrofeet® best arch support inserts.