Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

Why Women Are More Prone to Foot Problems

It’s true. Women are more prone to foot problems than men...

Women's Foot Problems

Common sense would tell us that it is because of the different fashionable shoes women try to squeeze their feet into. Nevertheless, there are other causes besides the obvious. According to the Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine, women’s feet are not simply smaller versions of the men’s. Companies that design and manufacture shoes for women should take many other considerations besides the size.

There are significant differences between the male and female feet. Here’s what various studies about the female foot found out:

“…women have a wider forefoot, shorter arch length, and shorter metatarsals compared to men. Women also have a 20-25% lower volume and surface area in the ankle, subtalar, and talonavicular joints, as well as 16% thinner cartilage. Studies also show that women have greater plantar flexion, range of motion, and ligament laxity – which can make women more prone to foot injuries.”

Foot problems happen not only because of shoes, but also because of the anatomy of our feet. My 100 pairs of shoes are only a fraction of the reasons why I have plantar fasciitis. Nevertheless, it would be good if the footwear industry would really advocate fashionable, yet comfortable shoes.

It’s nice to see that recently, footwear for comfort are becoming available. We all heard about running shoes that tone and provide cushion, flip-flops that heal foot problems such as Morton’s neuroma, and high heels that have customized insoles. They are great…but greatness comes with a price!

Based on my experience, buying a shoe insole that provides all of the benefits aforementioned is better than buying a number of those expensive pairs of footwear. My favorite Hydrofeet® shoe inserts are not just for regular shoes. I also wear them with my high heels, my flip-flops, my ballet flats, running shoes, sandals, etc. A part of the insole can be trimmed to fit various footwear. I highly recommend them to women who also love shoes as I do.

Being fashionable and comfortable at the same time need not be expensive. You can still wear those trendy shoes, which boost your confidence, all day. All you need is Hydrofeet® to go with it.