Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

How To Get The Feeling of Foot Reflexology With Insoles for Women

Foot Reflexology on the go


I recently came across this article on foot reflexology, and I realized I’m getting a daily dose of reflexology massage by simply wearing Hydrofeet® insoles for women.

Reflexologists believe that the feet has millions of nerve endings that lead to specific organs of the body, and by stimulating these nerve endings, a person can achieve natural healing of his or her specific problems. Based on studies, foot reflexology does not only address common foot problems. According to the website Taking Charge of Your Health and Well Being of the University of Minnesota, foot reflexology is also proven to help with the following conditions:

  • Anxiety
  • Side effects of cancer treatments
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Diabetes Type II
  • Headaches and migraine
  • Kidney problems
  • Pre-menstrual and pre-menopausal symptoms
  • Sinusitis, and a lot more.

The most important effect of foot reflexology is how it improves blood circulation. We all know that proper blood circulation is necessary for us to live healthy. If we have poor blood circulation, the nutrients from the food that we eat will not be distributed to the organs or areas that need them the most, toxins will not be flushed out of the body regularly, and our specific organs will not function normally. Thus, we lose vitality.

Reflexology works by massaging specific areas of the foot known as reflex zones. For a person to get the maximum benefits from reflexology, he or she should have a 3 to 6 consecutive massage sessions for 30 minutes to one hour. A 30-minute session usually costs $30 and a one-hour session is around $55. That’s a total of $330 for a 6-day one-hour session.

On the other hand. Hydrofeet® insoles for women works the same way, but not as time consuming and expensive. It gives the same stimulation and effects reflexology therapy does. The dynamic nature of the glycerin inside these massaging insoles for women provides the same feeling to your feet; thus, improving blood circulation. This, in turn, improves your overall well-being. In addition to that, a pair of Hydrofeet®, which would definitely last longer than 6 days, only costs $59.99.

I have been using Hydrofeet® for months now. It does not only help me manage my plantar fasciitis, but it also improves my emotional and psychological condition. Like me, you can also get the benefits of reflexology therapy by using Hydrofeet® daily. Try these insoles for women to believe it!