Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

Hydrofeet® Best Foot Insoles Saved My Feet From Chilblains


Winter is coming, and so are some of the common foot problems brought about or worsened by the cold season…

On regular days, you may simply have sore, tired feet. Other people, depending on their routines, activities, and genes, might develop other foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, and Morton’s neuroma. But did you know that come winter months, these foot problems could worsen?

The reasons for these are the sudden change in your body temperature, poor blood circulation, and tight-fitting winter boots.

It’s a Sunday. You decided to go out to run some errands. You went to the local market for fresh, organic produce. You saw a friend at a coffee shop and decided to join him for a quick chat. After that, you stopped by a food stand to get yourself your favorite hotdog sandwich. You walked three hours in total…in extreme cold.

When you get home, the thermostat was set to a warmer temperature. Then, you light up the fireplace. You removed your boots and socks, and placed your frozen feet near the fire for warmth. After a while, you noticed some itchy, red swollen spots on your feet, particularly on your bunions and calluses. You tell yourself, “I never thought my bunions could get any worse.”

Unfortunately, it could. The spots on your feet are called chilblains.

While you were spending time in extreme cold earlier, the blood vessels in your feet were constricting. Because you have poor blood circulation (you have not had exercise for more than a year now), when you placed your feet near the fireplace, your blood vessels were not able to react in a timely manner, causing your blood to leak into the tissues. They appeared on your bunions and calluses because those are the most pressured areas of your feet. Thanks to your ill-fitting boots.

Anti-itch lotions could somehow remedy chilblains, but in my case, I want to address the root cause of the problem – poor blood circulation.

I had first-hand experience with chilblains before, so I thought of improving my blood circulation without having to spend a lot of time doing cardios and such. What dramatically helped me were Hydrofeet® foot insoles. These best foot insoles improved my blood circulation because they stimulate the focal areas of my feet as I walk. Wearing them regularly is like getting a daily foot massage, which is known to have huge benefits on blood circulation.

Thanks to Hydrofeet® best foot insoles, winter really feels like a wonderland!