Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

New Therapeutic Massage Insoles for Men and Women

Having foot problems can be very stressful. This is one of the reasons why we can't give a hundred percent on work in our daily lives. We may have tried to protect our feet from harm but still foot problems could occur. And you might be wondering what would be the best solution that will last long. You surely have tried different techniques, and you might have tried therapeutic massage insoles, medications or even equipment that have the possibility to ease the pain. Despite all these efforts and trials, the pain just won't go away. In fact, it keeps coming back!

One of the most common foot problem is bunion and this can be very painful. Bunion is a hallux abducto valgus deformity on the toe, and it is mistakenly described as an enlargement of the bone of the said toe. Medical professionals are debating about its main cause. Some say it is due to wearing shoes that are too tight while others say that it is genetically passed on. Bunion occurs when pressure is applied in the area around your big toe. And because of the pressure, the surrounding tissues in the joint area will result into tenderness. Study shows that Bunion can also be a result to wearing massage insoles.

The first sign of bunion is when you can observe a protrusion on your toe. You will feel pain, redness, soreness and there is also numbness on the protrusion area. Wearing too tight shoes will worsen the problem and that may lead to surgery. At this point, you have to be careful in wearing the right shoes which gives enough space for your feet. Wearing massage insoles with your shoes or sandals can make a huge impact. Choosing the right massage insoles is also important. The insoles lifts the foot arch thus relieving stress on the affected area of the toe.

Hydrofeet® massaging insoles both for men and women makes you "Feel Like Walking On Water"®. Taking good care of your feet is very important in order to perform our day to day activities. The shoe inserts can be worn with your shoes and even sandals. It’s very relaxing and while you are walking, giving you a massage in a therapeutic way.