Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

Snow or Sun, it still "Feels Like Walking On Water"®

What do Alpena, MI, Austin, TX, and Orlando, FL all have in common?  Lot's of concrete surfaces!  From 90 degrees in Orlando in December, to minus 20 degrees in Alpena, and a balmy 70 degrees in Austin, walking takes a toll on your feet regardless of the weather.  Whether you work inside on your feet all day, brave the elements outside for your chosen career, or make vacations your most active time of the year, impact on hard surfaces puts unnatural stress on your feet!

We spent most of December in Orlando, FL, on our feet pushing strollers around the parks.  With young children, you can enjoy a much longer day for your money if you keep them off of their feet, even if it is at the expense of yours.

Disney World  covers a massive amount of acreage, (25,000 acres, or 39 sq. miles) and a trip with six year olds can convince you that you covered every foot of it, twice!  My true appreciation for the Hydrofeet® inserts came in December, when the semi-annual family vacation failed to produce the routine painfully aching sore feet.  Having made this trip several times before, I knew what to expect.  Consistently aching feet, with occasional searing pain were the standards I had become used to.  While my first thought was maybe we had taken it easy this year, my wife experienced her normal level of discomfort while I cheerfully was not the one to give out first with sore feet! 

The Hydrofeet® Insoles absorb impact, and massage your feet while you walk.  It truly feels like walking on water! Gone are the days of agony where the feet felt like they were on fire, pounding every step repeatedly until they ache.  With the Hydrofeet™ Dynamic Liquid Massaging Insoles, the impact is absorbed evenly, and sore feet are a memory of the past.

Thank you Hydrofeet®, now vacations can be filled with happy memories, not memories of dreaded sore feet!