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Therapeutic Shoe insoles

Hydrofeet® Insoles Feels Like Walking On Water

Wearing Hydrofeet® Feels Like Walking On Water® or going barefoot in soft plush grass, or walking on the beach. They adjust to your feet to provide better stability, less impact, and to put your feet back in a normal, healthy state. Hydrofeet® Insoles help prevent or address common foot problems such as sore, tired feet; plantar fasciitis; bunions; Morton’s neuroma; Achilles’ tendonitis; knee, hip, and back pain; heel spur; heel pain; corns and calluses; peripheral neuropathy; and poor blood circulation.

Hydrofeet® insoles are precisely filled with a vegetable-based, pharmaceutical-grade, FDA-approved glycerin. "Pharmaceutical grade" means allowable in food or cosmetics under FDA standards. This liquid glycerin is enclosed in thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that is known for its durability and strength. Unlike rubber, gel, or foam inserts, Hydrofeet® insoles last longer, and were found to have 50 times the viscosity and strength of regular  insoles.

Get a pair now and find out how it feels to be walking on water!

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